What kind of web hosting would be better to use.

What kind of web hosting would be better to use.

Cloud hosting is also very popular in the current web hosting sector, as well as ssd hosting. Previously, hosting users used the web hosting of the normal hard disk to create or manage websites.

But the use of normal hosting is declining day by day, because many of us now use SSD hosting, and this is because SSD hosting provides much better service than normal hard disk. SSD hosting is now taking over the space, because we all want to speed up our website, so site visitors can easily visit our site. And SSD hosting is 20 times faster than normal hosting, which makes sense how fast the Speed of SSD hosting from normal hosting. But if you look at the companies currently hosting outside, they are moving away from the normal hard disk and marketing SSD hosting or cloud hosting. There is currently no sSD hosting option to keep your site faster.

Also, those who create new sites and bring good visitors to the site in a few months will gradually expand, leaving shared hosting to go to good cloud hosting, SSD VPs and dedicated servers but not many. And the reason why the customer is low on budget is technically weak and which ones are better off, etc. If the site has more visitors, the site is able to load, the server goes down if the visitor is too high, cloud hosting should be used to solve these problems. Cloud Hosting is also popular for new ecommerce, affiliate site, AdSense blog and business or private Android app and software development.

Now, look at the words I’m saying.

We’re starting with 95 of the 100 sharing hosting.

So one thing for everyone.

The most popular of the Cpanel hosting inside share hosting.

The three most advanced technology technologies in this Cpanel hosting are used more.

For example, Apache (free), nginx (free), LiteSpeed (paid)

nginx : It’s good but it’s opensource and free.

Apache, a little weaker than nginx, is a good one but it’s opensource and free.

LiteSpeed: It’s not free it’s paid. They are the kings of lightspeed technology and server worlds.
A great revolution in web servers is lightspeed technology. Its performance is much higher than Apache. Lighty is six times more powerful than an Apache server. Lighty mod_php increases your PHP performance 50 times from apache with ” You can also find features in Apache, such as .htaccess, mod_security mod_rewrite , , , mod_frontpage .

The lightspeed server is originally designed with the security in mind. The light is protected for build-in dos or dids attack. If there is any harmful hidden content in the URL, the server blocks the lightspeed-powered server static file while serving it. Any hacker just knows what a secure server it is. Harmful content on the server such as shell bypass is a fat scan.
Lightspeed vs Apache:
The configuration in Apache is in text format but in the XML format at lightspeed. Apache manually updates but supports both manual/auto at lightspeed.

The lightspeed server has high performance proxy build-in sand but is used by installing add-ons in Apache. Also, there are other security-related items like static load balancer, LDAP, anti-dids, connection throttles and many other light-speed build-ins. You need to install a third party to use these things in Apache.
Especially those who are concerned about security can come to the world of lightspeed technology.

  • Shared hosting
  • V P S (Virtual private server)
  • Dedicated Hosting (dedicated server)
  • Cloud hosting

Let’s go to the dittels to know all these types of web hosting types.

What is Sheard Hosting? What is shared hosting?
Share hosting means sharing web hosting. I mean, a web server will share many shots on the website. For example, think of a house and many of your friends share or think about it. In this case, your home is a web server and you and your friends are sharing the house.

In this, your advantage is that you can rent your house together with all your friends. You’ll have to pay a lot less. In the case of shared hosting, we share a web server with a lot of shots websites or blogs, which requires a lot less money. You can buy a shard hosting for a much lower price. And, for a new blog or website, shared hosting people are not.

Some benefits of shared hosting

You can buy it at a very cheap and affordable price.
Best hosting for a new website.
When it came to the price of shear hosting, you can buy good shear hosting from Rs.50 to Rs.200 (monthly). There are many shared hosting companies that give free hosting.
What is virtual private hosting? (Virtual private server)
Virtual private servers are better than shared hosting. But we are not on the VVS server when there are many visitors or traffic on our websites and when our website becomes very popular. At first, I don’t think you need to take vps hosting.

So what do we understand when this VPS hosting is called? For example, a web server is divided into many shots in this type of hosting, just as many rooms are built in a building. And, just as you have the right to buy the room, the only part you buy in the VPs server is the right to your website or blog. You can’t use the share you buy for your website and the other. It’s like your private web server. And, that’s because hosting the vps server is fast and it’s beneficial for websites with high traffic or visitors.

Some benefits of VPS hosting

The vps server is very secure when you look at the security.
Very fast and its performance is very high.
Share hosting can handle a lot of traffic or visitors.
You will get VPS hosting from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 (monthly).
What is Dedicated Hosting? (Dedicated web hosting)
Dedicated hosting is completely different from any other hosting. Because in The Shared Hosting you have to share a web server with the non-sectional website and in vps hosting you are given a share of the web server that is only yours.

But, in the case of dedicated hosting, you are given a full web server that is only yours. And, that web server will only host your website and its files. Just like that, when you bought a room or a building tie, and then you had the right to stay.

In the case of dedicated hosting, only a website that has a server host will work faster and faster and is safer when it comes to security.

But, remember, this hosting will be needed when your blog or website gets more traffic. And, the dedicated server costs a lot.

Some benefits of dedicated hosting

Too much traffic or visitors can handle.
Such hosting is very secure.
Performance is more than others.
Websites or blogs will work very fast.
Dedicated server you will get to buy from a minimum of Rs.6000 (monthly). In some cases, there’s more.

What is Cloud Hosting? (Cloud hosting)

Cloud hosting is the most common and trusted hosting service among bloggers and website owners today. Its performance and speed are of very high quality and this hosting is very safe. In the last few years, cloud hosting has become very popular. And, I’m selling cloud hosting for my blog myself.

In fact, many of the shots in cloud hosting are placed on the web server at the same time and so you can increase or reduce some of the server requirements such as CPU, RAM or storage as you need. This will help you to increase your web server performance as you increase traffic or visitor to your website.

And, over time you can also reduce performance. Cloud hosting has a very low chance of getting down and can handle more traffic. You can also trust the cloud web server in security.

Some benefits of Wood Hosting

The chances of server down are very low.
Performance is much better and more. And, you can increase or decrease as your own requirement.
More traffic on the website can handle the visitor.
The cost of cloud hosting is not as high as its performance. You will get cloud hosting from Rs.400 (monthly) to Rs.1000 (monthly). The price here depends on your requirements (cpu, ram and storage).

Hosting Bandwidth:
Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer to the user’s computer (the user is the person who browses your site) from the server. If your site is very famous and you visit thousands of times every day, you’ll need a lot of bandwidth. Many people take a little bandwidth from the hosting provider and the site is damaged in the middle of the month. I think he can’t imagine that his site will be visited by so many people. Hosting providers specify separate bandwidth for each package in their packages such as 5GB, 8GB etc. You can see what you need and you can see the following calculation rules:

Average page size* How many times a month

If the page size is 30KB on average and you estimate that you’ll see 50,000 pages a month, you’ll need bandwidth 0.03MB*50000 s1.5GB

Large commercial sites cost more than 1000GB of bandwidth a month.

Note: It’s better not to rely on shared hosting to speed up the site. Because they look very attractive (unlimited bandwidth and storage) and when traffic is high, it doesn’t work anymore, even offline. So buy a plan to look reliable. You can try VPS server hosting or managed WordPress hosty for WordPress.

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